The Fairfax Fall Brawl's mission is to HAVE FUN while playing our great game. Take a break from recruiting events, all-star tournaments and play with your spring team!!

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Now in its 13th Year!!

Our philosophy is simple...lacrosse is meant to be FUN!!!  Our tournaments DO NOT allow "all-star" club teams and we do not promote ourselves to college coaches.  The "Recruiting Tournaments" held throughout the country serve a great purpose in getting our student-athletes exposed to college coaches and we support them 100%.  However, we believe that during the fall is the time to "return" to play with your spring based team and prepare for the upcoming season.  This is our focus...

Our tournaments are also unique because they use a simple 7v7 format for games.  Each team in our tournament is guaranteed six, 25-minute games so you can see six different opponents (4 for U9 and U11).  Each player receives a custom t-shirt as his jersey that can be worn for years to come and each division awards a championship with custom t-shirts.

We hope you will consider us this fall for your tournament needs.  We have built this concept from the ground floor and we receive numerous positive comments from parents, players and coaches each year.  Our tournaments are a FUN, EXCITING display of the game that we all know and love so well.

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Thank you to all of the Team Managers and Coaches that have reserved...
Finally!! TEAM RESERVATIONS are Now Open for the 13th Annual Fairfax...
2013 Champions
Congratulations to ALL of our 2013 Champions!!!

Thank you to all of the Team Managers and Coaches that have reserved space for their teams for the 2014 Fall Brawls.  We are busy "behind the scenes" with some administrative tasks and expect to have INDIVIDUAL PLAYER REGISTRATION open beginning Monday, October 6th.

Our schedule is "dynamic" each year based on the "trends" as teams register.  Some years, some divisions are more popular than other and this year is no exception.  Some divisions are FULL but still taking waitlist teams.  If teams are NOT fully registered by November 1st, we move to the waitlist.

Listed below are the number of teams accepted in each division and the current TEAM RESERVATION status in parenthesis.  Please note that some teams need to be moved from the waitlist and will be contacted individually.

Varsity - 50 teams (FULL, waitlist ONLY)
JV - 30 teams (Full, waitlist ONLY)
U15 - 20 teams (1 slot available)
U13 - 20 teams (FULL, waitlist ONLY)
U11 - 20 teams FULL, waitlist ONLY)
U9 - 12 teams (FULL, waitlist ONLY)

Varsity - 30 teams (8 slots available)
JV - 15 teams (6 slots available)
7th/8th - 20 teams (FULL, 2 on waitlist)
5th/6th - 15 teams (FULL)
3rd/4th - 12 teams (2 slots available)

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Finally!! TEAM RESERVATIONS are Now Open for the 13th Annual Fairfax Fall Brawl.  This celebration of all that is FUN with our game fills quickly so please RESERVE your team's space TODAY!!  Remember, you DO NOT need to know who your player are at this point.  Player Registration does not open until October.

Thanks for your dedicated support for this great event each year.  We started it as a FUN tournament because there weren't any options.  Today, it serves as such an important reminder of the FUN part of the game when there are plenty of options!!  No scholarships, MVP's or All-World voting at this one.  Just a lot of smiles, laughs and a little lacrosse in there too!!

We hope to see you!!

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2013 Champions
Congratulations to ALL of our 2013 Champions!!!
by posted 11/26/2013